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Business segments
Business segments
FW Hempel
F. W. Hempel & Co.
Erze und Metalle
(GmbH & Co.) KG
Weißensteinstr. 70
46149 Oberhausen
Phone +49 208 456780
Fax +49 208 45678-444

Expansion in the world of metals

Three fields are defined here: raw materials, semi-finished products and production/recycling.

Raw materials cover the trading and distribution of metals, alloys and pig iron within Europe and worldwide. The head of operations in this section is
Semi-finished products integrate the storage and services for stainless steels, nickel-based alloys, titanium and the production of stainless steel wire.
ANDRE HEMPÉL is the head of operations.

The production and processing operations are combined in the Campine Group, based in Belgium. Campine originally produced antimony metal and lead oxides.
Today it is the Eurpean market leader in antimony oxides (a flame retardant ingredient in plastics and a catalyst for PET production) as well as in masterbatches.
As a second activity lead battery recycling operations expanded significantly. Campine is also the leading recycler of lead waste in Belgium.
F. W. Hempel Legierungsmetall is a traditional well recognized partner for cast copper alloys in the foundry industry operating from Germany.

Today, the Hempel Group generates a total turnover of more than 700 Mio. Euro with more than 400 employees in five European countries and in Asia. A strong equity position on our group financial statements provides the basic resource for further successful and sustainable growth.


Hempel Wire Ltd. - PRESS RELEASE

Central Wire Industries is pleased to announce that it has acquired Hempel Wire Limited, a manufacturer and distributor of stainless and nickel alloy wire, located in Rotherham, United Kingdom. The business was purchased from Hempel Special Metals Holding GmbH, an international distributer of specialty metals, part of the F.W. Hempel & Co Group of companies, headquartered in Oberhausen, Germany. Hempel Wire manufactures and distributes both round and profile wire in a wide variety of alloys, including virtually all stainless steels and nickel alloys. Founded in Rotherham in 1983, Hempel Wire reported sales of £9 million last year and has approximately 45 employees.